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Recently in World Category

Mums on a Mission

There may not be campaigning on a wide scale for the top political jobs in China, but there's certainly campaigning on the part of concerned parents. 

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Ex-Captain Robert Semrau's first TV interview

He walked into the room, the picture of confidence, well dressed and groomed, with a comfortable, relaxed demeanor.

It wasn't exactly what I expected from a fellow who's been through what he's been through. This is his first television interview since being accused of shooting a badly wounded, unarmed Taliban insurgent almost four years ago.
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Burma moves to abolish media censorship

The red pen retired? Really? That seems to be the essence of the news out of Burma today; that finally direct media censorship has officially ended. Sounds good. Perhaps too good to be true.
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Susan Ormiston Answers Your Questions on Syria

Dear Susan,

If Assad is so confident that the uprising is of foreign insurgents trying to topple his government, why doesn't he hold open and free elections to determine the will of the people who he insists support him...
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Syria's Chargé d'Affaires responds to Terence McKenna's documentary

Statement from Bashar Akbik, Syrian Chargé d'Affaires to Canada about a UN report that 5000 Syrians have been killed in his country since March:

"The casualty figures reported have never been corroborated and therefore considered a figment of the imagination of those that churn out such exaggerations...
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Saša Petricic speaks to a Canadian-Israeli Soldier

Saša talks to a Canadian-Israeli soldier about the prisoner exchange for Gilad Shalit
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Tragedy in Tucson: The debate continues

In the week since the tragic shooting in Tucson, Arizona, several of the lead reporters and commentators here at The National have tried to make sense of the various political, social, and individual forces at play
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Haiti's Invisible Ones

At the clinic in Les Cayes, the first few patients are quietly waiting before eight o'clock this morning; a 14-year-old boy with one leg, an impeccably-dressed older woman rubbing her shoulder, several men and women in wheelchairs - each missing at least one limb.
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Haiti: "Has anything changed there?"

I hadn't even reached Haiti. In fact, I hadn't even reached the flight for Haiti when the question came.  "Has anything changed there?" asked the woman behind the Air Canada desk.
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A long journey out of danger

The roads are steep and winding. The address is cryptic (as addresses in Haiti tend to be). And whenever we stop for directions, people say the only way to find our destination is if they come in the car and show us.
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