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Recently in Politics Category

Nigel Wright

Peter Mansbridge on a surprising find involving puzzling figure of Nigel Wright.
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Why Obama chose fear over hope

With the debates having changed the trajectory of the US election, it is now the conventional wisdom that Obama is missing a forward looking, aspirational message.
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Olivia Chow sculpts Jack Layton memorial

By Diana Swain

When I learned that Olivia Chow had personally sculpted a bronze bust of Jack Layton, I was surprised and honestly a little apprehensive.

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Full video and transcript of Amanda Lang's Michael Bryant interview

Amanda Lang sits down with former attorney general Michael Bryant. Read the full transcript of their interview.

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Transcript of Stephen Harper Interview

Well Prime Minister, it's been quite a three or four days here in London, and you've been a part of at least the last couple.  What does it say to you when you see the kind of response that the Queen had here in London?
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Invisible war wounds: post-traumatic stress disorder

We hear all about the casualties of war, soldiers who have sacrificed their lives in duty. However, we rarely hear about injuries beyond the physical: the invisible, psychological wounds of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
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What lies ahead for Canada?

Share your comments with The National: What is the number one thing you want from the majority government?
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Your election reaction

A majority government for Stephen Harper and the Conservatives.  The NDP as the Official Opposition.  Huge losses for the Liberal Party, and the BQ decimated.  What do you make of this new political landscape?  And what can Canadians expect from the government over the next four years?  Let us know.
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About the Elizabeth May interview

Green Party leader Elizabeth May has tweeted about the final edit of the interview on The National, saying "interview was cut. Climate crisis answer removed."

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The Insiders: When tactics obscure message

I think over the years I've had worse press than Jaime, but I'm still going to part company with him here.
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