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Recently by Adrienne Arsenault

Mums on a Mission

There may not be campaigning on a wide scale for the top political jobs in China, but there's certainly campaigning on the part of concerned parents. 

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Burma moves to abolish media censorship

The red pen retired? Really? That seems to be the essence of the news out of Burma today; that finally direct media censorship has officially ended. Sounds good. Perhaps too good to be true.
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The Stress of the Stunt

Nik Wallenda has a lot of dreamer in him, but there are flashes when he's all business; when he becomes one of those people who constantly checks their smartphone mid-conversation and then stops talking, suddenly gripped by whatever he's reading.
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School's Out

 So, it snowed in Attawapiskat. A lot. And apparently enough to cancel school today. Good opportunity, we thought, to wander by a house of a youth leader and chat with her about everything swirling around her here.
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From Attawapiskat to a Mexican Jail Cell

Some conversations are just so surreal. On a recent minus thirty-something afternoon in Attawapiskat, as we tried to update, untangle, deconstruct, make-any-sense-whatsoever of the housing and political crisis that is now under a national microscope, the subject suddenly veered.
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The Good Doctor

Every year in a job like this, when you look back and consider those whose faces you've stared into, whose stories you've told and worlds you entered, there is often a dizzying array of standouts. But for all his complexities it is Dr. Nilo Barandino whose tale haunts the most. He's a man of the most peculiar contradictions; a healer and killer. His stethoscope clutched with the same fervour as his Second World War carbine rifle. Ask which he prefers and he hesitates.
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Running Into Richard Branson

"We'd like to schedule an interview with Richard Branson please." It seemed a simple enough request. 

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The Disappearing Poppy

When you saw Adrienne on TV recently, sometimes there was a poppy, sometimes not. Here's her story of the "now you see it, now you don't" poppy.
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