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Recently by Sasa Petricic

Saša Petricic speaks to a Canadian-Israeli Soldier

Saša talks to a Canadian-Israeli soldier about the prisoner exchange for Gilad Shalit
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Haiti's Invisible Ones

At the clinic in Les Cayes, the first few patients are quietly waiting before eight o'clock this morning; a 14-year-old boy with one leg, an impeccably-dressed older woman rubbing her shoulder, several men and women in wheelchairs - each missing at least one limb.
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Haiti: "Has anything changed there?"

I hadn't even reached Haiti. In fact, I hadn't even reached the flight for Haiti when the question came.  "Has anything changed there?" asked the woman behind the Air Canada desk.
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A long journey out of danger

The roads are steep and winding. The address is cryptic (as addresses in Haiti tend to be). And whenever we stop for directions, people say the only way to find our destination is if they come in the car and show us.
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Chile's Warning

To say the apartment building collapsed would be an understatement. Rather, it tipped over, the way a tree does when it's chopped down.
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Learning from Chile's earthquake

In the early morning darkness of February 27, deep under the South Pacific, the earth shook so violently, it knocked the entire planet off its axis by some 8 centimetres.
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Haiti's Dark Side

The well-dressed young man with the dark sunglasses seems utterly out of place. After all, this tent city - one of the many, massive, muddy communities that have sprung up all over Port-au-Prince - is one of the poorest places on earth.
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Haiti: After the Disaster

The last time I was on my way to Haiti, it was in the back of a Canadian Forces transport plane. I was surrounded by pallets of bottled water, medical supplies, even a full size, bright yellow search and rescue helicopter.
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Haiti Field Notes: Aftershock

I was lying flat on the earth... with only a sleeping bag between me and the ground underneath. The ground was moving. Shifting. Shaking, in a wavy kind of way.
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Haiti Field Notes: Counting Bodies and Blessings

The sudden look in the man's eyes tells me everything.

I am interviewing him, asking about the three children whose bodies searchers are seeking in the flattened house behind me. His eyes widen. He covers his face with his shirt, and runs away.
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