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Recently by Reg Sherren

Honouring Francis Pegahmagabow

Reg Sherren reflects on a ceremony honouring Canada's most decorated Indigenous soldier.
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Flight Into Madness

The flight from Winnipeg to Boston last Friday wasn't really that bad in a relative sense. Yes, we did leave Winnipeg in a blizzard at -35 C. Delays and de-icing lead to a very tight connection through Toronto which would have been missed had Toronto not been experiencing problems of it's own. But it was.
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The Meaning of Charity

What does charity mean to you? 

Most of us have, at one time or another, thought about what we would do if we won "the big one." There would be money for kids, money for relatives, money for trips, money for the future. For Bob Erb, a big part of that list was "money for the less fortunate."

And Bob didn't just talk the talk, he has walked the walk. He has spent three hundred thousand dollars to help people get their teeth fixed. Soup kitchens, single Moms, homeless shelters-- it's quite a list-- they have all received the benefit of Bob's generosity. In one year, he's given away eight million dollars...

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Bigger, Cheaper... Better?

For Reg Sherren, the famous landing of the "Gimli Glider" shows just how critical a good pilot can be. It also raises questions about the push to get bigger and more efficient planes in the air.
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King Kwong

Every once in a while in this job I am honoured to shake the hand of history. That happened this week when I met Larry Kwong, a true gentleman if there ever was one and a real piece of Canadian history.
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Be Yourself, Free Yourself

As a journalist, I sometimes find myself thinking, "we have to find more reasons for people to want to turn on the television, rather than giving them the inclination to turn it off."
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Ex-Captain Robert Semrau's first TV interview

He walked into the room, the picture of confidence, well dressed and groomed, with a comfortable, relaxed demeanor.

It wasn't exactly what I expected from a fellow who's been through what he's been through. This is his first television interview since being accused of shooting a badly wounded, unarmed Taliban insurgent almost four years ago.
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Remembering Dieppe

So I'm sitting at Mr. Jack McFarland's table, and he's showing me the newspaper clippings, the photographs, and the rocks he's collected from the beach at Dieppe.
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There's something about Earl

Have you ever met someone who changes the way you look at the world?
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Winnipeg loses its "street angel"

When she spoke about them, she could light up a room. Lynn Thomson's children - the street kids of Winnipeg - were her life.
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