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Recently by Peter Mansbridge

Nigel Wright

Peter Mansbridge on a surprising find involving puzzling figure of Nigel Wright.
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Lloyd Robertson: A Great Captain of the Ship

Lloyd Robertson and I go back a long way.  He was the top news specials anchor at both CBC Radio and CBC Television in 1970 when I was just starting at the CBC Northern Service radio station in Fort Churchill, Manitoba.
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The Insiders: From within the belly of the beast

There's an old line about how making television is a little like making sausages: the final product may be enticing, but the process to create it is anything but.

Well, the same can be said of political campaigns. 
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Number 99 on The National

He may be the Great One, but there was Wayne Gretzky, shopping alone in the mall beneath a Vancouver hotel on Saturday morning, just checking the storefronts for bargains
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In Whistler without rights

These are a very different Olympics for us to cover here at The National. We don't have the official broadcast rights and that means there are all sorts of restrictions on what we can do, where we can go and what we can show. It presents some, um, challenges, but also some chances to do things a little differently.
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The Great One's first goal

Last summer I was helping Wayne Gretzky at a banquet in Collingwood, Ontario after his annual golf tournament in the area.  And surprise, surprise, at one point our pre-banquet chat turned to hockey.  I told him how my hometown of Stratford, Ontario was hosting the annual Hockey Day in Canada broadcast this year. 
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What's your question for the At Issue panel?

Our traditional year-end At Issue special will be taped on December 9, and this is your chance to submit a question for the At Issue panel.  What do you want to know?
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The Berlin Wall: Witnessing History

It has been fascinating to listen to some of my fellow journalists describe the emotions of being in Berlin when the Wall came down.
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About the standing

It's always interesting and important to monitor reaction to change.  So far, there is no doubt there has been lots of reaction to the changes we have instituted at The National this week.  As expected, the comments cover the spectrum and we're getting lots of good ideas from our viewers on what they like and what they're not so sure of at this point.
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Welcome to The National

Hello and welcome to our new website.

The changes here are part of a renewal that began more than a year ago at CBC News.
It's been incredibly sweeping and multi-layered. In fact, I don't know of any organization anywhere that's gone through a change to this extent and at this pace.
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