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Recently by Stephanie Jenzer

Has anything really changed for India's women?

Stephanie Jenzer was Nahlah Ayed's producer on this story.

A couple of nights ago, my colleagues and I were driving through the streets of New Delhi, trying to get a feel for the city after the sun sets.

More than a few young women had been telling us about their self-imposed curfews, how they don't feel safe to go out past eight o'clock, especially if they have to take public transportation.
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Nate Pace

You have to go back to the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta to pinpoint a moment when Canadians were really fanatical about track and field.
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Nothing Quite Like It

Producer Stephanie Jenzer explains how she and Adrienne Arsenault found themselves at the world's largest high school track meet and what a spectacle it was to see.
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The Silver Cross Story

This Remembrance Day, as another National Silver Cross Mother lays a wreath in Ottawa, you might want to take note -- to remember not just Canada's sons and daughters who fell in war, but also the women who many believe sacrificed those children.
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9/11: A chance to go back

I'm not exactly sure what I expected when Ioanna and I retraced the path we took ten years ago to Ground Zero.  What we found was powerful, though.
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The Vancouver Millionaires

I love discovering forgotten history - no more so than a slice of hockey history around this time of year.
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From Benghazi to Buckingham Palace

As a CBC field producer, I sometimes find myself on the front lines of some of the biggest stories on the planet.  Consider my last couple of assignments and the mental pivots necessary to do them justice:  the conflict in Libya, and now the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.
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