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Recently in About the Show Category

Flight Into Madness

The flight from Winnipeg to Boston last Friday wasn't really that bad in a relative sense. Yes, we did leave Winnipeg in a blizzard at -35 C. Delays and de-icing lead to a very tight connection through Toronto which would have been missed had Toronto not been experiencing problems of it's own. But it was.
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Has anything really changed for India's women?

Stephanie Jenzer was Nahlah Ayed's producer on this story.

A couple of nights ago, my colleagues and I were driving through the streets of New Delhi, trying to get a feel for the city after the sun sets.

More than a few young women had been telling us about their self-imposed curfews, how they don't feel safe to go out past eight o'clock, especially if they have to take public transportation.
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'Fatal Deception' wins CMA award

Fatal Deception, a documentary by Terence McKenna that aired on our program last February, has received an Award of Excellence in Health Reporting from the Canadian Medical Association.
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The New Great Game

The New Great Game is a special three-part series from filmmaker Alexandre Trudeau. Follow along as he navigates the world's most pivotal shipping route, the Straight of Hormuz, on board an oil tanker.
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How to watch The National online during the Olympics

We know some of you outside Canada have had trouble accessing our live stream and on demand versions of The National.

Here's how you can access our online shows during the next two weeks.
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The Stress of the Stunt

Nik Wallenda has a lot of dreamer in him, but there are flashes when he's all business; when he becomes one of those people who constantly checks their smartphone mid-conversation and then stops talking, suddenly gripped by whatever he's reading.
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Air Canada's response to a TSB report

The safety of our passengers and employees is always Air Canada's top priority and for this reason we view this incident very seriously. We sincerely regret that some of our customers were injured and we have taken measures to prevent a re-occurrence of this type of event and improve safety overall.
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Meet our new At Issue panelist

Bruce Anderson grew up with a curiosity about what exactly makes people do what they do, and eventually found himself in the market and opinion research business.
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9/11: A chance to go back

I'm not exactly sure what I expected when Ioanna and I retraced the path we took ten years ago to Ground Zero.  What we found was powerful, though.
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Lloyd Robertson: A Great Captain of the Ship

Lloyd Robertson and I go back a long way.  He was the top news specials anchor at both CBC Radio and CBC Television in 1970 when I was just starting at the CBC Northern Service radio station in Fort Churchill, Manitoba.
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