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Prohibited snakes and other reptiles: A city-by-city comparison

We've taken a look at the bylaws in major Canadian cities to see how they regulate the ownership of snakes and other reptiles. Here's a quick summary of what we've found:

Prohibited in Toronto
  • Crocodylia (such as alligators, crocodiles and gavials)
  • All snakes which reach an adult length larger than three metres
  • All lizards which reach an adult length longer than two metres

Prohibited in Vancouver

  • The possession of more than six snakes at a time
  • Reptiles and snakes classified as venomous (with or without venom glands)
  • Green anacondas
  • Yellow anacondas
  • Reticulated pythons
  • African rock pythons
  • Burmese pythons
  • Indian pythons
  • Amethyst pythons
If a reptile grows longer than three metres, an owner must have a possession permit for that species.  

Prohibited in Montreal
  • Poisonous (venomous or toxic) reptiles and snakes
  • Crocodilians
  • Sea Turtles
  • Snakes in the python or boa family

Prohibited in Halifax

  • Any snake longer than 3.3 metres (from snout to tip of tail)
  • Green anaconda
  • Yellow anaconda
  • Reticulated anaconda
  • African rock python
  • Burmese python
  • India python
  • Amethyst python

Prohibited in Winnipeg

  • Front-fanged venomous snakes (even if devenomized)
  • Members of the Pythonidae snake family that reach an adult length greater than two metres
  • Members of the Boidae snake family that reach an adult length greater than two metres
  • All other snakes of a species or subspecies that can reach an adult length greater than three metres (whether the particular snake exceeds that length or not)

Prohibited in Edmonton

  • Poisonous snakes and reptiles (unless permission to do so has been granted by a City Manager)

Under the Alberta Wildlife Act, you are permitted to own the following snakes, but only with a permit: Amethystine pythons, Burmese rock pythons, Indian rock pythons, Oenpelli pythons, Reticulated pythons, African rock pythons and Anacondas.