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Tuesday, April 22 Following Game 2 of The Stanley Cup Playoffs™ Alberta-East. At its regular time in BC.
Wednesday, April 23 Following Game 2 of The Stanley Cup Playoffs™ Alberta-East. At its regular time in BC.

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Breaking Firefighters injured battling Mississauga pesticide warehouse blaze
Four firefighters have been injured and one of them is in critical condition after fighting a three-alarm fire at a pesticide storage warehouse in Mississauga, Ont., early this morning.
New Everest avalanche: How a Sherpa strike will affect Nepal's tourist industry
A walkout by Sherpa mountain climbers following the tragic deaths of 16 guides on Mount Everest will certainly have an impact on the Nepalese economy. High-altitude mountaineering and the industry that supports it are crucial parts of the area's tourism.
Ukraine crisis orchestrated by U.S., Russia's Lavrov says video
Russia would retaliate if its citizens' interests were threatened and its territory came under attack, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was quoted as saying, adding the United States was behind events in Ukraine.
Analysis The growing pandemic of political speak
A forthcoming book by Harvard thinker Steven Pinker takes direct aim at the growing amount of bafflegab in academic and political discourse. Journalists might want to duck as well, Neil Macdonald writes.
Travel insurance and extreme sports: How Canadians can protect themselves video
High-risk holiday activities can end up being the furthest thing from a cheap thrill, especially when insurers dismiss a claim following a costly injury.

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