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Episode 9: Canadian Edition

Posted by Joan Chang

In this episode of The Main Ingredient...Khalil looks at the undisputably Canadian dish of poutine at La Belle Patate in Victoria.

Meeru Dhalwala, co-owner of Vij's in Vancouver and Marie-Claude Lourtie, food columnist for Montreal's La Presse both discuss what Canadian food really is.

John Gilchrist, food reviewer in Calgary talks about the so-called "Chinese" ginger beef and its surprising origins in Calgary.

Khalil turns to cod tongue and talks to Harold Brown, owner of The Cellar Restaurant in St. John's about the regional nature of much Canadian cuisine.

And Paul Moore, an Edmontonian expat working for the CBC in London explains the British take on Canadian food at the Maple Leaf Garden pub.


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If you haven't gotten enough of ginger beef ... here is an extended version of Khalil's interview with Calgary food reviewer, John Gilchrist.


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