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Episode 4 - Patricia Van Tighem

Patricia Van Tighem.jpgOn a snowy day in September 1983, Patricia Van Tighem's life changed irrevocably when she came face to face with a grizzly bear in Alberta's Waterton Lakes National Park. The bear attacked and left her near dead. Miraculously, Patricia Van Tighem survived, though the vicious mauling left her physically damaged and emotionally scarred. Throughout the rest of her life, she felt the constant pain of her injuries and dove in and out of depression. Yet she never played the part of the victim. Patricia Van Tighem poured her heart into her writing, giving birth to a national best seller that detailed her journey through recovery and pain. Hers epitomized the life of a survivor. Now her words will live on in place of her.

The documentary on Patricia Van Tighem was by Alison Myers and Michael O'Halloran in Calgary.

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