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Episode 2 - Captain David Trask - July 5 & 8

Thumbnail image for David_image2.JPGDavid Trask was born on land but lived most of his life on the waters off the coast of Nova Scotia. A respected dragger captain, he would often return from fishing trips, his boat brimming with the bounty of the sea. His uncanny ability to land impressive catches won him respect at the wharf and his disarming sense of humour made him popular with colleagues and strangers alike. David knew the ocean floor the way many people know the streets of their neighbourhood.The sight of a breaching whale, the cry of a gull, the power of the tides never ceased to amaze him. He was at peace on the sea, but he also knew her dangers. And so, when Captain David Trask - a brave and generous man - saved the life of his crew, but not himself, no one was surprised.

The documentary on Captain David Trask was by Bob Murphy in Halifax.

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