Season Three

FINAL Episode of Season 3 - Noah Augustine - Aug 30 & Sept 2

DSC_0689.JPGNoah Augustine lived his life in the promise of his people. He was a proud Mi'kmaq man, a skilled orator, writer and poet, whose words pointed to a better way and a better life for aboriginal communities. His larger than life personality enchanted many who knew him, including some of the most powerful and influential politicians and business people in New Brunswick.But Noah Augustine also faced tragedy, courted controversy and lived through many highs and lows.  And he died young....before he could fulfill his promise as a First Nation leader.


The documentary on Noah Augustine was by Myfanwy Davies in Fredericton.







Episode 9 - Lynn Thomson - August 23 & 26

lynn.JPGLynn Thomson had a smile that could light up a room. The tough talking  wheelchair bound double amputee dedicated herself to helping  young people get off drugs and start new lives in the process. Lynn could relate to the hard life on the streets of Winnipeg since she had been a street kid herself.  But in her sobriety, and grateful for a second chance, she led a generous and selfless life.






The documentary on Lynn Thomson was by Suzanne Dufresne in Winnipeg.

Episode 8 - Kazim Jafri - August 16 & 19

154634_178768878804027_177624402251808_676132_5784150_n.jpgKazim Medhi Jafri was an engineer, scholar and devoted father. He was born in India 1917 but the turmoil of partition forced him to move his family to the new Islamic state of Pakistan. His life changed course again when, as he approached 60, he moved his family to Canada to seek a better life. A devout Muslim, he doted on his six daughters. He  encouraged each of them to pursue higher education. But it was the youngest of his girls who would ultimately test his faith and traditions in his new land.

The documentary on Kazim Jafri was by Maureen Brosnahan in Toronto.