Season One

Midget Mike

ep1-midgetmike-200x320.jpg Michael Brooker didn't have a long life. Still at the end of his 19 years on this earth, Midget Mike - as he was called by his fellow street kids - was deeply cared for. He was born with a form of dwarfism.

By the time he hit the streets at 14, he had reach his full height of 4 feet 8 inches. He could be maddening and impossible, and then all of sudden, caring and charismatic.

He could be difficult to like, but impossible not to love.
Tune in to hear the compelling life story of Midget Mike.

The documentary on Michael Brooker was by Mary Lynk
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Papa Palmerino


This week, The Late Show profiles Papa Palmerino. Palmerino Sorgente was born in the early 1900s in Castelforte, Italy. He later immigrated to Montreal, where he and Maria raised thirteen children. Papa supported his family through various business ventures, including a pizza parlor on the Khanawake Reserve. Then one morning in 1970, he had a dream. The Virgin Mary told him that he was the son of God, that he was the Pope, (Papa in Italian) and that he had a mission to serve the Lord. Tune in to hear the poignant life story of Papa Palmerino, the Pope of Montreal.

The documentary on Papa Palmerino was created by David Gutnick.

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Mary Power

ep3-marypower-141x79.jpgMary Power was well schooled in despair before she left her childhood - inspiring the grownup Mary Power to tenaciously seek out joy. Born in 1924, her earliest years, spent by the sea in an isolated Newfoundland outport community were happy. But soon darkness descended on her young life, due in part by a tragic loss and time in an orphanage. It was as an adult, that Mary Power was able to create a happy life. Beyond a rich family life, she became a master storyteller, and a keeper of outport Newfoundland traditions and culture. And in seeking joy, she gave great joy to others.

The documentary on Mary Power was created by Heather Barrett.

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