Kathleen Petty Bids Farewell to The House

Kathleen Petty (CBC, Susana Mas).jpg

After five years at the helm of CBC Radio's The House, Kathleen Petty is moving on.

"It has been a privilege to work here," Petty said at the end of her final show Saturday morning.

"I've learned a great deal -- I'm a better journalist and broadcaster -- thanks to my mistakes and the patience of the audience who allowed me to make them, forgave me and kept tuning in, confident I'd figure it out eventually - and I hope I did, more often than not."

Petty is moving back to her native Calgary to host CBC Radio's morning show the Calgary Eyeopener. Before leaving, she wanted to share some of her observations about federal politics, and the media's coverage of politics.

"We talk AT each other, not WITH each other," Petty said. "We keep score, assign penalties, and generally treat politics as a sport. But as sports go, politics might be a great a game for participants, but not spectators or listeners. I sense a great disconnect. Why don't Canadians vote? Perhaps, because we're not treating them as participants, but as spectators."

Here are Kathleen's final thoughts after five years in Ottawa:

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