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This week on The House, host Evan Solomon asks Finance Minister Jim Flaherty -- given the sustained economic uncertainty in Europe and the U.S. -- if Canada is heading back into recession. What would it take for another round of stimulus? Flaherty says a major shock.

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Searching for a leader and learning to be the Official Opposition

Brian Topp and Ed Broadbent (Fred Chartrand, CP).jpgFederal New Democrats are set to enter Parliament as members of the Official Opposition on Monday. But this time, they will be without Jack Layton. CBC reporter Karina Roman explores how the NDP is going to balance its role in the House of Commons with a potentially very distracting leadership race taking place at the same time.
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Then veteran CBC parliamentary reporters Kady O'Malley and Greg Weston look into what the next sitting of Parliament has in store for you.
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Farmers have spoken! Or have they?

Gerry Ritz (Sean Kilpatrick CP).jpgA majority of farmers say they want to keep it. The Minister of Agriculture says he wants to get rid of it. The future of the Canadian Wheat Board is in the balance. CBC Saskatoon producer Rosalie Woloskie dives into how one of the most hotly debated issues in Western Canada.
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The battle for Manitoba

Manitoba Collage (Wayne Glowacki-David Lipnowski-Mike Aporius CP Winnipeg Free Press).jpgAre 3 terms and 12 years in power enough? The NDP in Manitoba doesn't think so. But that's what the party's opponents are telling voters in that province. We continue our look at this fall's provincial elections with CBC Winnipeg reporter Leslie McLaren.
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