Labour Politics

Labour Minister Lisa Raitt (CP, Sean Kilpatrick).jpg
This week on The House, Kathleen Petty discusses the labour woes at Air Canada and Canada Post with Labour Minister Lisa Raitt. How does the government justify introducing back-to-work legislation? Then, CAW economist Jim Stanford and Queen's business professor Douglas Reid give us their assessment of this week's events. Is labour peace in the forecast or will it be a summer of discontent?

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Mandatory Minimums

Massachusetts State House (CBC, Alison Crawford).jpgCBC's Alison Crawford travels to Massachusetts where Governor Deval Patrick has introduced a bill to eliminate minimum mandatory sentences for non-violent drug offenders. On this side of the border, the federal government  has promised to pass an omnibus anti-crime bill within the first hundred days of Parliament following the last election. That will include introducing mandatory minimum sentences. What can Canada learn from the U.S. experience?

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NDP Convention

Jack Layton at the NDP Convention (CP, DARRYL DYCK).jpgNDP members are meeting for the first time since gaining official opposition status. What is the party's long-term vision? Kathleen speaks to CBC reporter Karina Roman and Joan Bryden from the Canadian Press who are in Vancouver covering the NDP convention.
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