Week 2 of the Federal Election Campaign

Stephen Harper - Platform Launch (CP, Sean Kilpatrick).jpgThis week on The House, Kathleen Petty takes a closer look at the Conservative platform with the party's number cruncher, Jim Flaherty. We ask him what's changed since he tabled the budget almost three weeks ago and how the HST deal with Quebec will affect Ottawa's bottom line, among other things.

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Liberal Platform vs. NDP Platform

Jack Layton and Olivia Chow (CP, Andrew Vaughan).jpgThe CBC's James Cudmore compares the Liberal and NDP platforms. He travels to the Toronto riding of Triniti-Spadina where the two parties are in a heated two-way race to find out how the candidates are selling their respective party platforms and whether voters can tell the difference between the two.

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Campaign Guides

Michael Ignatieff (CP, Nathan Denette).jpgConservative Chuck Strahl, Liberal Shawn Murphy and the NDP's Bill Siksay have decided not to run in this election, but they've seen it all before. This week they share their thoughts about the preparation that goes into running a campaign, the challenges associated with campaign rallies, and the pressure that comes with keeping up with social media.

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Kady Watch!

Blackberry (CP, Paul Sakuma).jpgCBC's Kady O'Malley reports on what's happening in the digital universe during the federal election campaign.

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The Reporters

Tom Clark Profile.jpg

Veteran journalists Tom Clark and Kevin Newman are back! This week they examine the Conservative and Liberal party platforms, and look ahead to next week's  leaders debates.

Kevin Newman (CP, HO).jpg
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