Tony Clement on Globalive, Konrad Von Finckenstein and Maxime Bernier

This week on The House with Kathleen Petty, Industry Minister Tony Clement reacts to Maxime Bernier's comments about allowing more foreign ownership in Canada's telecom sector. We also ask him about his government's intervention in the CRTC's recent decision on Internet billing. What choice does CRTC Chairman Konrad Von Finckenstein have but to overturn the ruling?

Harper.jpgFormer Canadian Ambassador to the US Frank McKenna and former US Ambassador to Canada David Wilkins join us for a thoughtful discussion about Stephen Harper and President Obama's vision for a joint security perimeter, what it means for trade and energy security between the two countries, and whether it will hurt Canada's sovereignty.

New Egypt.jpgWhile protests continue in Egypt, we ask Middle East expert Peter Jones to share his thoughts about Canada's handling of the situation up to now.

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