Michael Ignatieff responds to attack ads and explains his corporate tax cuts position

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This week on The House, Kathleen Petty catches up with Michael Ignatieff as he wraps up an 11-day multi-city tour. We talk about election readiness, political attack ads, and promises made versus promises broken. Pollster Nik Nanos is in to explain how effective it can be to attack your political opponents over the airwaves. We find out about the connection between the CBC and the first negative ad to air on Canadian radio. Then three veteran Hill reporters reflect on Stephen Harper's five years in power. All that plus Beat The House and Good Question with Kady O'Malley. Remember you can also follow us on Twitter @CBCTheHouse.

Hys.jpgStephen Harper was first elected Prime Minister five years ago, on January 23, 2006. That's five years of minority ruling and a lot has happened during that time. So we asked three veteran Hill reporters -- Manon Cornellier from Le Devoir, Jim Travers from the Toronto Star, and John Ivison from the National Post -- to meet and reflect on Harper's time in office while keeping an eye to what the future might bring. Let's listen to their conversation.

tax on everything.jpgPolitical attack ads are not new. But when did they first emerge? We dig into our House Vault to bring you the story of the first negative political ad to air on Canadian radio... and its connection to the CBC.


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