CFIA beef recall raises serious questions


This week on The House, Evan Solomon asks the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Agriculture, Pierre Lemieux, if the government was too quick to assure Canadians their food was safe, in the face of a major meat recall. We also hearfrom NDP Agriculture Critic Malcolm Allen.

The next federal election may be a few years down the road, but Chief Electoral Officer Marc Mayrand says some major changes to the electoral system are needed soon to stop abuses of the democratic system.


Then, would Canada participate in a pre-emptive strike on Iran? After his meeting with U.S. Defence Secretary Leon Panetta, Defence Minister Peter MacKay speaks about what Canada would do if Iran crosses the so-called red line.

And finally, with Justin Trudeau's bid to lead the Liberal Party set to become official next week, we look at the MP's record and the challenges he will face with John English, author of a two-volume biography of Pierre Elliott Trudeau, and John Geddes, the Ottawa bureau chief for Maclean's magazine.

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