Minister readies back-to-work legislation for Air Canada labour conflicts

Lisa Raitt (Sean Kilpatrick CP).jpgThis week on The House, Evan Solomon asks Labour Minister Lisa Raitt why the federal government keeps intervening in Air Canada labour disputes. Why did she decide to put back-to-work legislation on the table?

Listen to the entire program right here:
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Ready to lift sanctions on Burma?

John baird Burma (Paul Chiasson CP).jpgWhat will it take for Canada to start lifting its sanctions on Burma, also known as Myanmar? Following his visit to the repressive country, we ask Canada's foreign affairs Minister, John Baird, if recent reforms in the country are enough for Canada to consider changes.
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NDP leadership race: Nathan Cullen

Nathan Cullen (Fred Chartrand CP).jpgNathan Cullen put forward one of the most controversial ideas of the NDP leadership race. He's suggestion the party hold joint nomination meetings with the Liberals and the Greens. His fellow candidates have attacked the concept, but Cullen says politicians should not be afraid of exploring new ideas.
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