Premiers gear up for health talks, Liberal party faithfuls gather in Ottawa

Liberals (Sean Kilpatrick CP).jpgThis week, The House is on location at the Liberal convention in Ottawa. Evan Solomon talks with former Prime Minister Paul Martin and interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae about the party's future.

Premiers want more health care funding for seniors

Thumbnail image for Dexter (Andrew Vaughan CP).jpgEvan begins the program with a look ahead to the upcoming Premiers meeting in Victoria, B.C.

Evan discusses the future of health care with Nova Scotia Premier Darrell Dexter and B.C. Premier Christy Clark. Where will the Premiers find common ground?

Thumbnail image for Clark (Daniel Hayduk CP).jpg

Listen to Darrell Dexter:

Listen to Christy Clark:

The long wait for EI checks

Services Canada (Government File Photo).jpg

Finally, CBC reporter Louise Elliott takes a look at the current state of Canada's EI system.

You can also listen to the entire show here:


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