Libya and the NATO mission after Gadhafi

Thumbnail image for Oana Lungescu (AP PhotoVirginia Mayo).jpgThis week on The House, Evan Solomon talks to the spokesperson for the Secretary-General of NATO, Oana Lungescu, about the death of Moammar Gadhafi and the end of the NATO mission in Libya. Evan also asks Chris Alexander, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of National Defence, and Jack Harris of the NDP, if NATO's intervention in that country could become a model for future missions.

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Shipbuilding procurement sets major precedent

Shipyard (Andrew Vaughan CP).jpgDid the federal government find the perfect way to spend 33 billion dollars? This week's shipbuilding announcement gathered praises from all angles. But Donald Savoie, the Canada Research Chair in Public Administration and Governance at the University of Moncton, says that by trying to avoid political minefields, the government might have created a process where politicians are not ultimately accountable.
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The next page of the Conservatives' agenda

Harper (Jonathan Hayward CP).jpgFor the past 5 years we've heard the Conservative promise to scrap the long gun registry, to bring in Senate term limits, a new copyright bill, eliminate the Canadian Wheat Board's monopoly, and the list goes on. Now that they form a majority, many of these promises are turning into bills that will then become law. So what comes next? Evan looks ahead at what could be the next on the agenda with Conservatives Gerry Nicholls and Geoff Norquay.
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Kady O'Malley's That's a Good Question!
Blackberry (CP, Paul Sakuma).jpg
You snooze, you lose your majority... At least at committee! This week, Kady tells us why Conservative members of the Veterans Affairs committee will probably get to their next meeting a few minutes early.

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