Nycole Turmel is Jack Layton's pick to replace him

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This week on The House, guest-host James Cudmore talks to newly-appointed NDP Interim Leader Nycole Turmel. She opens up about Jack Layton's health, her new role, and the future of the party.

Listen to the entire program here:

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Fighting cancer in the public eye

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Should politicians disclose all their private health details? James Cudmore talks with someone who knows what it's like to battle cancer in the public eye. Former health minister Allan Rock was diagnosed with prostate cancer a decade ago. Thanks to early detection and surgery he is now a prostate cancer survivor. 


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The U.S. debt crisis 

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Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said it matters that our largest trading partner get its fiscal house in order. Our national reporter James Fitz-Morris gives us a primer on the U.S. debt crisis.  

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Paul Martin warns the U.S. 

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What is the impact of the U.S. debt crisis on Canada? And how much of this is about economics versus politics? James Cudmore talks with Paul Martin. The former finance minister, and former Prime Minister says it is "a very unfortunate political game."  

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Kady O'Malley - That's A Good Question

US Capitol bldng CBC.jpgWatching the U.S. debt showdown inspired one person to send us a good question via Twitter, and it boils down to this: What is the difference in roles between the Speaker in Canada's House of Commons and the Speaker in the U.S. House of Representatives? 


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