Week 3 of the Federal Election Campaign

Michael Ignatieff (CP, JONATHAN HAYWARD).jpg
This week on The House with Kathleen Petty, Liberal Party Leader Michael Ignatieff makes his pitch for voting liberal. Is it really a two-way race between him and Stephen Harper or does Jack Layton have the momentum? And what differentiates the Liberals from the other parties? We ask him about his party's platform, including a commitment to health care funding. Finally, we also ask him what he plans to do between now and election day.

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Health Care

Hospital bed.jpgCBC reporter Karina Roman files a report on health care and the extent to which it's been an issue during this election campaign.

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Dalton McGuinty's Health Care Thoughts

Dalton McGuinty (CP, Colin Perkel).jpg
Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty is watching the federal election with great interest. He is calling on the next federal government to renew the Health Accord for another ten years and do so by the end of 2012.  Is a commitment by the federal party leaders to 6% escalator for health care funding enough? We also ask him about lowering corporate tax cuts, investment in green energy, and the proposed TMX-LSE merger.

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Kady Watch!

Students at the University of Guelph (CP, Sean Kilpatrick).jpgKady O'Malley reports on the controversy over advanced polling at the University of Guelph and the politics surrounding the incident. She also reports on the role of Twitter during this week's debates.

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The Reporters

DebateGilles Duceppe Jack Layton Stephen Harper Michael Ignatieff (CP, Sean Kilpatrick).jpgJournalists Tom Clark and Kevin Newman pick their favourite moment from this week's debates.

Has this election campaign fizzled out three weeks in or is the best yet to come?

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