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It was break week on Parliament Hill, so MPs traveled back to their ridings, and The House decided to head west to British Columbia.
In Vancouver, Kathleen sat down for a one-on-one interview with outgoing Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell. He talked about his time in office, his handling of the HST, the future of the B.C. Liberal Party, and the state of the province's relationship with Ottawa.
Then, The House took the ferry to Victoria where we sat down with two veteran political observers: Norman Spector, columnist for The Globe and Mail and Le Devoir, and Vaughn Palmer, provincial affairs columnist for the Vancouver Sun. They shared their thoughts about the contenders in the B.C. Liberal leadership race and the role British Columbia will play in the next federal election.
We also traveled to Whistler and the popular Village Stroll to talk about the impact of last year's Olympic Games.
All that and much, much more in this special British Columbia edition of The House. 

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gordon campbell 2.jpgElected to three consecutive terms, Gordon Campbell admits he should have been "much more aggressive" in explaining his decision to implement the HST. We asked him what happens to the HST under a new leadership, and whether the backlash over the HST will define his legacy. We also talked provincial-federal relations, and how he defines B.C.'s role in Canada. The interview would not be complete if we didn't ask him the question on everyone's mind: what does he plan to do next?
Listen to the one-on-one interview right here. 
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