Senators debate who's to blame in Duffy expenses scandal


Tories lay blame at Duffy's feet, Grits demand accountability from PMO

This week on The House, the Senate's Internal Economy Committee opened its doors to the public giving Canadians a rare glimpse into its inner workings as it referred Senator Mike Duffy's expenses to the RCMP. Conservative Senator Larry Smith and Liberal Senator Jim Munson, two Senators who sit on this secretive committee, weigh in on the latest developments in the Senate expenses scandal. 

Just how high of a political price is Prime Minister Stephen Harper paying for the decision by Nigel Wright, his former chief of staff, to give Duffy $90,000 to repay his ineligible expenses?  We ask The House panel:  CBC's National Affairs Editor Chris Hall and Tasha Kheiriddin, columnist with the National Post and iPolitics .

The latest polling numbers reveal that Harper's credibility is taking a hit over this political crisis. Nik Nanos, president and CEO of Nanos Research is here with the details.

The B.C. government, in its final written submission to the Joint Review Panel, rejected the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline project citing environmental concerns. Is this pipeline project dead, or is this just another setback for the federal government and the future of Canada's energy resources? We ask B.C.'s Environment Minister Terry Lake.

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson also weighs in on the concerns surrounding the Northern Gateway pipeline. Plus, his city is hosting Canada's mayors this weekend as they gather to discuss issues like more money for infrastructure and the need for a renewed partnership with the federal government.  

Finally, why aren't all parliamentary committee meetings held in public? CBC's blogger and House contributor Kady O'Malley is here with the answer!


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