Tom Mulcair's NDP readies for 2015


This week on The House, Evan Solomon travels to Montreal where the federal New Democrats are gathering for their first policy convention since electing Tom Mulcair as leader. We ask Mulcair how he intends to recast the party ahead of the next federal election.

While the NDP debates policy, the federal Liberals will choose a new leader on Sunday. With all eyes on Justin Trudeau, the perceived frontrunner in the race, we ask Gloria Galloway, parliamentary reporter for The Globe and Mail, and John Ivison, political columnist for the National Post, what impact a possible Trudeau win will have on Mulcair's NDP. 

New Democrats will also discuss hundreds of resolutions put forth by their members touching on everything from their socialist roots to the nationalization of the oil industry to dolphins! CBC blogger Kady O'Malley walks us through the process and explains why some resolutions will get voted on while others will never reach the convention floor. 

Joseph Stiglitz, economist and Nobel Prize winner, is also one of the most influential voices guiding Mulcair's economic policy. Find out what he has to say about developing the oil sands.

Finally, we turn our attention to the story Rehtaeh Parsons, the 17-year-old teen from Nova Scotia, who took her own life after years of being the victim of bullying resulting from an alleged sexual assault when she was 15 years old. The RCMP re-opened their investigation on Friday after receiving what they called new and credible information. We ask Nova Scotia Premier Darrell Dexter, who'll be attending Parsons funeral on Saturday, how it is that the justice system failed the teen and what needs to happen now.


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