Listen to Reg Bowers | Unedited


Reg Bowers, the "inexperienced volunteer" former Conservative minister Peter Penashue blamed for "ineligible donations" made to his 2011 federal election campaign, says he "unintentionally" accepted at least one corporate donation, which is illegal under Canadian law.

In an interview airing Saturday on CBC Radio's The House, Bowers, the former campaign manager and official agent to Penashue during the last federal election campaign told host Evan Solomon he accepted a cheque from Pennecon Ltd., a construction company based in St. John's, because "they were trying to get a donation into us before the deadline."

Penashue's former official agent explained that in the rush to get to the finish line it was possible that Penashue's campaign took in more than one ineligible donation.

In fact, new records posted by Elections Canada reveal that Penashue's 2011 election campaign accepted a total of 28 ineligible contributions.

Listen to the full unedited interview with Reg Bowers here:


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