Justin Trudeau's in-depth interview with The House


This week on The House, Evan Solomon sits down with Liberal leadership candidate Justin Trudeau for his first national broadcast interview since he announced his candidacy. What's his take on the economy, coalition and merger talks, pipelines, China, putting a price on carbon, and his father's legacy?

Emmanuelle Latraverse, the Ottawa bureau chief for Radio-Canada and host of "Les Coulisses du Pouvoir.", and Rob Russo, the Ottawa bureau chief for the Canadian Press, join us to dissect the Trudeau candidacy, and his comments on Friday about the long-gun registry.

With the world watching the United Nations' General Assembly on Thursday, 138 countries voted to recognize the Palestinian Authority as a non-member observer state -- an upgrade from its previous non-member observer status. Nine countries voted against the resolution, including Canada. What impact will Canada's vote have on the region? We talk to Michael Bell, a former Canadian ambassador to Jordan, Egypt, and Israel.

Finally, Kady O'Malley looks at a private member's bill, C-398, that received a lot of attention on Parliament Hill this week.


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