In-Depth: Cable Television

They say the only constant is change. But for broadcasters in Canada, that change might be happening a little too fast.

The media landscape has undergone a series of upheavals in recent history: Satellite TV, video-on-demand, and that new-fangled technology they call "The Internet."

But broadcasting in Canada isn't just changing, it's also struggling - especially in smaller centres. And we here at The House have kept the channel tuned to the ongoing drama in local television.

In early March, the news broke that Canwest Global and CTV were both considering giving up on some of their smaller, local stations.

TCHCH in Hamilton was one of the stations on the chopping block. Back then it was part of Canwest Global's Canadian Media empire. And Kathleen Petty spoke to Donna Skelly, host of Live at 5:30 on CHCH. We asked her what she wanted to do to save Canada's oldest television station.

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