In-Depth: Auto Manufacturing

Rocky, uneven roads are best travelled in a 4x4 -- the kind of standard option you get on a Sport Utility Vehicle. It provides the sturdy safety and traction needed for navigating treacherous terrain. Of course, none of the Detroit Three's vast selection of SUVs was of much help to them in the last two years.

Whether they were trying to get over a $147-a-barrel peak in oil prices or sloshing their way through bankruptcy proceedings, GM, Chrysler and -- to a lesser extent -- Ford didn't get much help from their big trucks.

Here at The House, we revisited our coverage of North America's sputtering auto industry, starting our journey in autumn 2007. It was the calm before the storm: Canada's unemployment rate was at a 33-year low.

But in November, Chrysler announced 11-hundred job cuts. Six months later, GM dealt out a thousand more. CAW local 222 president Chris Buckley outlined why.

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