Jonas the Tiger Stolen!

Posted by Nicole Winchester on June 18, 2010 7:29 PM


When we heard the very sad news that Jonas the Tiger and two camel compatriots were stolen on their way home to the Bowmanville Zoo, we immediately suspected a situation like the one above.  To Mexico, George!  And freedom!

More seriously, Jonas and the camels are in some danger being away from the people who are able to care for them properly.  There's some concern that they won't get proper food and water, and there's also concern for the safety of the thieves.  Jonas is a lovely tiger, but he's still a large wild animal.  I'm sure you know what a tiger looks like, but here's a clip of Dave Salmoni and Jonas when they were last on the show.  If anyone in Ontario or Quebec sees a Bowmanville Zoo trailer, or a tiger (alone or with camels), please contact the police.

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We're all hoping Jonas and his friends come home safely!

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