Wed Jan 18 - Great Women & Fast Food 5.25

Queen Marge.jpegYou know the saying: behind every great man there's a great woman. Well The Debaters turns that old adage on its head and asserts: behind every great woman is an even greater man. Arlene Dickinson of CBC TV's Dragon's Den takes issue with the idea. While Debaters veteran John Wing sets out to prove there's always a man behind a successful woman, and she shouldn't worry her pretty little head about it. Also on the show...Fast Food. It's a love hate relationship isn't it? We love to eat it but we hate what it does to us. So savvy comedian Alan Park will try to convince funny man, Ron Sparks that Fast Food is Evil Food.  Listen in for all the laughs Wednesday at 11:30 am here on CBC Radio One.
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Audio available for purchase at: The Debaters: Season 5 Episode 25 - CBC Radio
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