Sat Dec 03 - Irrational Women & Handshakes 5.11

1-stage left eyebrows.jpgThis week on the Debaters there's a battle of the sexes brewing between Nikki Payne and Simon Rakoff as Simon asserts that women are irrational and Nikki counters with her own facts and funny. Next up....greetings! Specifically the handshake. Has it lost its purpose? What with fistpumps, high fives and secret society finger wags, where does the old handshake stack up? Ron Josol and Darrin Rose will have you slapping your thigh if not your neighbour's, Saturday at 1:00 pm on CBC Radio One.
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The Debaters Season 5 Episode 11 (Irrational Women & Handshakes) The Debaters: Season 5, Episode 11 - CBC Radio
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