Wed Sep 29 - VCR Olympics & Positive Thinking 4.17

The Vancouver Olympics are behind us but in the months leading up to the games the question was, will the Olympics bring Vancouver happiness or will they bring heart break? Cast your mind back to pre-2010 Olympics as Pete Kelamis sets out to achieve his personal comedic best by convincing comic Charlie Demers that the 2010 Games are great for Vancouver. Next up on our solid gold combination of laughs and logic, the ridiculously upbeat comedy duo "It's Good to Know People" (Jason Bryden and David Milchard) try to convince morose funny man Marc Maron to open his heart, turn his frown upside down and accept the optimistic adage -- it pays to think positively! Come on Canada it's time to show your support for the most exciting competitive event in the history of our country. It's called The Debaters and it airs at 11:30 AM on Wednesday on Radio One.

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Olympics & Postive Thinking Season 4 Ep 17 The

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