Wed Sep 15 - Guilt & North American Union 4.18

Would closer ties between Canada, the USA and Mexico be good for our nation? This week North American Union booster Ali [UL-ee] Rizvi Badshah [RIZ-vee BAD-shaw] tries to convince an incredulous Alan Park that joining our three nations would be "muy bien." Also on our double bill of verbal fisticuffs, Jewish comedian Simon Rakoff tries to prove to Catholic- raised funnyman Derek Seguin [French pron.] that guilt trips are useful and nothing to be ashamed of. We don't mean to pressure you, but if you don't tune in to The Debaters this week it's going to break your mother's heart. Catch all the comedic action Saturday at 1:00 PM on Radio One.

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Season 4 Ep 18 ($1.99) The

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