Wed Jun 23 - British Cuisine & Hippies 4.27

Is British Cuisine unfairly maligned? This week UK comic and food lover John Moloney serves up the laughs and logic as he tries to convince Rebecca Kohler that dishes like "Bubble and Squeak" and "Spotted Dick" are more delicious than their names might indicate. Next up Winnipeg funnyman Bruce Clark is out to prove to Yippie co-founder and 60's icon, Paul Krassner, that the hippies were nothing but disheveled, doped up degenerates. Wow, man, "The Debaters" is, like, out of sight! Of course it's out of sight --it 's on radio.

Tune in (don't tune out) Wednesday at 11:30 am on Radio One.

clip_britfood.mp3 Season 4 Ep 27 ($1.99) The
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