Wed Jan 27 - Snowmobiles & Anger 4.12

Should we ski-doo or should we "ski-don't?" This week the pride of Wawa, Ontario, Pete Zedlacher is revved up and ready to blast comic Irwin Barker with a blizzard of reasons why the growth of snow-mobiling is good for Canada. Next topic up is "anger", as diminutive debater Darren Frost tries to convince funny lady Rebecca Kohler that it's never over-the-top to blow one's top. At the Debaters we don't believe it's healthy to hold back any emotions. So, to release all your bottled-up belly laughs and gummed-up giggles tune in Wednesday at 11:30 am here on Radio One.


Season 4 Ep 12 ($1.99) The
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