Sat Oct 03 - All Men a bit Gay & Class Clowns

In this the day of the bro-mantic comedy and the metrosexual male, is it too outrageous to suggest that all men are a little gay? This Saturday, straight but curious funnyman Charlie Demers [duh-MARES] is out to prove to hetro he-man Mike Wilmot that there's no such thing as a 100 percent heterosexual man. Next up on our double bill of laughs and logic, an acerbic Al Rae tries to teach mischief makers Mike Patterson and Tim Rabnett (The Dan-D Lyons) that class clowns are zeros not heroes. Now in its fourth season, The Debaters is proud to provide a platform for clowns of all kinds - with exception of mimes. Tune in to hear all their antics Saturday at 1:00 pm on Radio One.


Season 4 Ep 4 ($1.99) The
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