Wed Nov 4 - Barbie & Respect 4.02

The Barbie doll is 50 years old but has this curvaceous toy been good for girls? This week, funny gal Debra DiGiovanni dresses up her argument in a stylish mix of facts and funny as she tries to convince Elvira Kurt that Barbie, though made of plastic, is fantastic. Next up on our double bill of oratorical delights, well-aged musical comedy duo The Williamson Playboys (Paul Bates and Doug Morency) are out to prove to cheesy young rapper White Cheddah (Sam Easton) that today's youth should show a little more respect. Take a cue from self-respecting comedy fans across the country and tune in to The Debaters Wednesday at 11:30 am on CBC Radio One.


Season 4 Ep 2 ($1.99) The
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