Do we lack classical?

Should Canadians be going for Baroque? This week CBC Radio 2 host and award winning humourist Bill Richardson does battle with The Frantics' Dan Redican over Bach, Beethoven and Berlioz and whether Canadians need more classical music in their lives.
Our next duet of laughs and logic features "That Canadian Guy" Glen Foster going toe to toe with Toronto funny lady Jo-Anna Downey on the topic of private schools and whether they do the public any good at all. Yes, we have some snobby topics this week. That's because The Debaters is your elite source of comedy, offering you the very finest in facts and funny (and the occasional bad pun). Tune in if you aren't too "Bizet."
Saturday at 11:30 am and Monday at 8:30 pm on Radio One.

Listen to a clip from the show

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