The family that stays together....

Are we too hard on those adult kids at home?
This week comic Erica Sigurdson tries to convince “stay at home son” Phil Hanley that he needs to stop being chicken and fly the coop.
Also on the bill, Latina funny lady Martha Chaves debates Vancouver comic Charlie Demers on the topic of Che Guevara and whether this South American rebel is worthy of being on so many T shirts and college dorm room walls.
Yes, "The Debaters" loves the Marx Brothers -- Karl and Groucho. Tune in for a Molotov cocktail of comedy.
Airs Saturday at 11:30 am and Monday at 8:30 pm on Radio One.
And don't forget... You can see The Debaters live in Regina on October 4th and 5th. Check out "Attend a Taping" for more info.

Listen to a clip from the show

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