December 2012

War of 1812 & Gay Best Friend 6.17

Wednesday's Debaters comes from the Nation's capital. Darryl Lenox, an American comic with a sweet spot for Canada takes on Don Kelly, a Native Canadian...


Order of Canada & The Muppets 6.19

Is the Order of Canada really such a big deal? The pride of PEI, Patrick Ledwell sure thinks so but cynical Al Rae wonders if...


Menopause & Home Ownership 6.18

Saturday on The Debaters, menopause...yes it's hard on the woman but is it harder for men who live with the woman? Comedians John Wing and...


Plagiarism & Burton Cummings 7.08

Recorded at the Burton Cummings Theatre in Winnipeg, two local funny men, Dean Jenkinson and Al Rae debate whether Burton Cummings is one of Canada's...


Christmas Trees & Christmas Music 6.11

Deck the halls with hilarity! It's The Debaters' Christmas show. Recorded live in North Vancouver the show features two seasonal debates... Darcy Michael and Damonde...


Fairytales & Toronto Bashing 6.12

Recorded live at Glenn Gould Studio in Toronto, it's Dylan Mandlsohn versus Nikki Payne in a real life debate about fairytales. Also on the show,...


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