If These Walls Could Talk: Westminster Abbey

royalwedding.jpgFor thousands of years, British royalty have been married and buried at Westminster Abbey which means there will be an awful lot of very notable ghosts looking on as William and Kate tie the knot tomorrow. We find out what wisdom those ghosts might impart to the royal couple and what lessons the couple could learn if the Abbey's walls could talk.


If These Walls Could Talk: Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is steeped in history and especially royal history - at least 39 kings and queens have been crowned there, 17 of them are buried there. The Abbey is sprawling, lined with mini chapels, and corridors leading off in all directions. It is quite overwhelming. For instance ... the aisle is a 300 foot walk and Kate's been told not to rush down it.

The abbey was founded in 960 so you have more than a thousand years of history here at every turn there is a tomb or statue of someone buried there or a plaque in memory of someone buried elsewhere.

Nancy Durham takes us through the history of Westminster Abbey through the voices of the past with it's incredible ghost list.

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