Outside with Sarah Harmer: A Special Victoria Day Edition of The Current



Guest host Sarah Harmer takes us on a hike through Canada's first urban national park. Rouge Park is 60 square kilometres of wilderness and parklands, surrounded by the Greater Toronto Area. It's a bit of an experiment for Parks Canada, and comes at a time of budget cuts and threats to the system as a whole.

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Outside with Sarah Harmer: Mixing music and social justice

SarahHarmer_Headshot.jpgSinger-songwriter Sarah Harmer welcomes you to a special Victoria Day edition of The Current

As a Juno award-winning musician, Sarah Harmer is able to travel across the country, meeting people and pursuing a number of passions. High on her list of interests? Canada's National Parks.

We head outside with guest host Sarah Harmer, beginning with a hike in Canada's first urban national park -- Rouge National Urban Park in Toronto.

Along for the tour is the park's superintendent Pam Veinotte and Pauline Browes, a former federal Tory minister who is often referred to as "the godmother of the Rouge."

Alison Woodley - National Conservation Director, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society

The Rouge National Urban Park isn't the only new National Park in Canada. There's the Sable Island National Park Reserve in Nova Scotia established in 2011, and The Mealy Mountains National Park in Labrador is in development now too.

But as a whole, Canada's national parks are having to do more with less. In the 2012 budget, the Federal Government cut 29 million dollars from Parks Canada's budget, laying off more than 600 people, many of them scientists working on conserving the parks' eco-systems.

This special was produced by The Current's Gord Westmacott.

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