The numbers tell it all: from 1956 to 2006, the median age of the Canadian population went from 27.2 years to 38.9, a gain of more than 10 years over a span of half a century.

By 2056, the median age is expected to reach 46.9 years, almost 20 years higher than it was in 1956. We are getting older. We are also marrying less, are more ethnically diverse. Aboriginal Canadians are moving to the cities in increasing numbers. English speaking Quebeckers are abandoning the rural in favour of the urban. There are seismic demographic shifts happening in Canada, and each of them is changing our work, our health, our families and our politics.

This season The Current examines the Canadian Shift and asks if we are ready for the changes. This major project will tell the stories of individuals who are caught in the shift through documentaries and interviews. We will take you to Canada's oldest and youngest cities. And we will go beyond our borders to China, India and Africa as the demographic shifts ripple throughout the world.

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