Budget Dissection

This morning we dissect the new budget and check in with the government's Minister of State for Finance, and two critics from the other side of the House.

Today's guest host was Jim Brown in Calgary.

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It's Friday, March 30th.

Experts say job seekers in Canada shouldn't worry much about potential employers snooping around their Facebook profiles.

If, however, you have a Myspace Account, employers still have the right to refuse you a job on the grounds that you're "hopelessly behind the times".

This is The Current.

Part One of The Current

Budget Dissection - Ted Menzies

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty and Opposition leader Tom Mulcair disagree on the meaning of the new federal budget. There are many ways to interpret the budget. To help us understand the government's position, I'm joined by Ted Menzies. He is the Minister of State for Finance and he was in Ottawa.

Budget Dissection - Peter Julian

This budget was the first to be brought down by Harper's majority government. It is also the first time that Peter Julian will have the opportunity to respond as the Finance critic of the official opposition to a Federal budget. Peter Julian was in Ottawa.

Budget Dissection - Scott Brison

We also heard from Scott Brison. He is the Liberal Party's Critic for Finance and National Revenue.

This segment was produced by The Current's Howard Goldenthal and Elizabeth Hoath.

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